Protect your IP

If you’ve got an idea then you need to think about how you can protect it. Start with our brief guide to the different types of intellectual property: it will help you to decide which one your idea falls into. Lots of people forget about their IP, but it really is important. And basic steps could avoid problems further down the line.

The Business & IP Centre Manchester can also help: the Introduction to IP workshop is a great place to start. There are also webinars and patent searching workshops. IP covers so many areas of creativity so there are also two different clinics where you can talk to an expert.

The Patent Clinic is mostly for inventors and innovators. It runs on the third Tuesday of every month, but appointments are always required (it’s very popular). You will get to talk to a patent attorney for half an hour, followed by an innovation advisor from Manchester Business School. A rota of attorneys from legal firms around the region contribute to the clinic, so you are talking to experts.

The IP Clinic is on the second Tuesday every month, and again you need to book an appointment. This covers all other forms of IP apart from patents, so design, copyright and trademarks. The law company Ward Hadaway volunteer their time to support the clinic.

To book for either you need to email: patlib@manchester.gov.uk

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